Here’s why you need to add Chemical Exfoliants to your skincare routine

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It wasn’t long back when exfoliating meant scrubbing your skin raw till you saw that “glow”.

Not anymore. Enter chemical exfoliators! Using acids instead of granules to get rid of dead skin, chemical exfoliation is fast catching up in the skincare industry.

Now before you get worked up about the term ‘chemical’ or ‘acids’, let us explain why exactly you should be adding a chemical exfoliator to your skincare regimen today.


  • Channeled in controller quantities, chemical exfoliators dissolve dead skin cells, as well as dirt, bacteria, and oil to give a level of glow you simply couldn’t expect from a physical exfoliator.
  • Physical exfoliators leave micro tears on your face. It is like taking sandpaper to wooden surfaces.

If you look closely, you will find scratches. Chemical exfoliants safely remove the damaged top layer of your skin, to let that beautiful new skin shine through.


  • Depending on the cellular composition, the acids are able to focus on the outer layers of the skin & deeper to the dermis for a thorough exfoliation.
  • Unlike physical exfoliators, experts suggest starting out with a chemical exfoliant twice a week and work your way up to everyday.
  • No matter what skin condition you are struggling with, you will find an acid to deal with it.

Here are some of the best Chemical Exfoliants for your skin type:

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